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Coming Home

Everyone, thanks for following my blog this semester. I’m sorry I completely neglected it after the Eid break- the reality of actually a good amount of schoolwork, applying to law schools and IR graduate schools, and working on my thesis, and writing articles for the New Era and some UK things finally caught up with me. I’m looking forward to having a little time to reflect on this semester- it’s hard to know what impact it has had on me until I can digest the experience somewhat.

I have about 12 hours left in Cairo- I’m leaving my apartment at 1 am to begin the long journey back to the U.S. I’m flying Cairo-Frankfurt-New York-Atlanta-Nashville. I’ll land at 11 pm local time in Nashville on Thursday. I hope I avoid all these horror stories of international flights stranded at JFK in NY or just canceled/delayed flights in general. No use in worrying, I guess. Just wish me luck! See you soon, Kentucky.



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