So, I thought I would use this post to explain some of the things I’m trying to get involved with, some of what I’m up to, and how each class is going.

1. I’ve joined the International Law Society. This area of the law will likely be my concentration because of the credit requirements for my joint degree with the Elliott School.

2. I’ve joined the National Security Law Association. It’s just an interest of mine, and I doubt there are many better places to be involved with this area of law than Washington, DC.

3. I’m the 1L representative for the Cyberlaw Student Association. Cyberlaw is an emerging area of the law that transcends easy boundaries- it is concerned with intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression, establishing jurisdiction over persons, and the shifting nature of sovereignty in the age of the internet.

4. I’m playing on the GW Softball team, which is a lot of fun. We played earlier today, and I learned quickly that I am not an outfielder!

5. I’m doing a really neat program called Street Law, for which I get to teach Constitutional Law (mainly the freedoms and protections guaranteed) to 7th graders at a local DC school. I haven’t yet done a lesson, but I am planning to on Friday, and I’m really looking forward to it. I love Constitutional law and love explaining it to other people.

6. Finally, I’m trying to get involved with the Student Bar Association (the equivalent of student government). I’m running for my section’s Senate seat and also applied for a position on the Executive side of things. Hopefully something will work out here.



1. In Torts, we’re learning intentional torts first- actions like trespass, conversion, assault, battery, failure to disclose risks- and the defense available- insanity, consent, self-defense, defense of property. Turley is really great in class- funny, engaging, and intelligent.

2. In Criminal Law, we’ve been focusing on the fundamentals of a crime (the act, the guilty mind, etc) and different standards of recklessness, negligence, intentionally, knowingly, willfully, maliciously, and the differences between general intent crimes, specific intent crimes, and strict liability crimes.

3. In Civil Procedure, we’ve focused on establishing jurisdiction over people and property and how the doctrine of personal jurisdiction has expanded over time (including long arm statutes).

4. In Contracts, we’re doing the bases of contractual obligation, the ideas of promises, offers, acceptances, bilateral or unilateral contracts, the different theories of remedy for breach of contract. The notions of estates and wills and executors have come up often, and many of my classmates have seemed confused, but I am very familiar with those areas of the law already thanks to my summer working in Hopkinsville.


Apart from all that, life in DC is great. I’ve been exploring some of the parts of the city that I have missed before- like the Catholic University in NE DC- and revisiting some of the museums I haven’t seen for a while. The weather has mostly been beautiful except for some rain about a week ago and cooler temperatures lately. I have a busy week coming up- a series of professional development seminars, hearing Mike Mullen and David Brooks speak on Tuesday, hearing Toni Morrison speak on Wednesday, and checking out the National Book Festival next weekend (or maybe go to the last Nationals home game of the season). Thanks for reading.


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