How quickly the weeks go

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been a full week since I posted here last, or that it’s been more than a month since I started law school. I usually really hate when people start something with, “It feels like just yesterday…” but I’m learning that that’s usually true!

This past week was full of new challenges and some amazing opportunities. My first graded law school assignment was due today (an analysis of California’s law of third party premises liability), I lost my bid to be elected my section’s senator, I heard Mike Mullen and David Brooks, and Toni Morrison speak and saw a quite funny comedy show on Saturday night. Today is also the National Book Festival on the Mall- I’m planning on getting David McCullough and Garrison Keillor sign some books.

Classes are continuing to go well. Certainly no problems so far. I’m really enjoying all of them- even the one that didn’t really appeal to me at first is becoming better. I still can’t quite nail down my exact interest though, so that thinking and experiential process will continue.

Next weekend, I’m participating in a negotiations competition with (mostly) other 1Ls, so wish me luck with that. On Wednesday, I’m going to hear General Brent Snowcroft speak, and on Friday I’m seeing my first ever professional hockey game- the Washington Capitals. I also found two of the most wonderful used book stores- Books for America and Second Story. I spent a little bit of money there last week….. there were some real gems though.

I’m going to run over to Eastern Market for lunch before heading to the Book Festival, so I’m off. Be back next week.


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