Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. I’ve been playing with the idea of creating one of these for a while now, at least a year, but I never seem to be able to muster up the energy or commitment to think I’ll be able to put any effort into consistent blogging at all. I hope that is now changing.

I’ll keep the information below to remember the origins of this blog, but to update everyone, I am currently enrolled as a joint degree student at The George Washington University pursuing a J.D. at the Law School and a M.A. in Middle East Studies at the Elliott School. This blog will track my progress as I make my way through GW. I’ll post once a week, at least, about life in D.C. and the process of earning my degrees.

This blog is initially meant to be a travel journal and a way to update all my friends and family, and any other readers, about my experiences studying abroad at Cairo University in Egypt. I’ll be doing independent travel as well, so I plan to post about those experiences too.

I want this blog to be more than that, though. I want to keep it going after I return to the U.S. in January. I want this to be a blog of politics, ideas, and thoughts. I want this to be a shared journey as I explore and try to find my place in the law, international relations, and society.

Over the course of posting here, I intend to catch up on some things, including writing about my travels earlier in summer 2010 to the U.A.E., Bahrain, and Qatar, and my time spent working in Washington, D.C. Basically, anything is fair game- sports, music, movies, anything goes.

The title, “The Road Away from Here,” comes from Travels with Charley in Search of America by John Steinbeck. If you haven’t read it, please spend the few hours it takes to read the slim novel. It’s a gem.

The picture above is one I took while in Bahrain. I caught the image by accident in the corner of another picture I took, but I fell in love with the bird, in mid-flap, landing on the beam (or is it just leaving?). I think it is beautiful, and that it captures the same essence that my title does- that the road away always leads somewhere, somewhere full of new experiences and new people and continued searching and adventure.

So let’s see how well I do. I am going to (initially) promise at least one post per week, with the intent to do more. Wish me luck, and hope you enjoy reading!


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  1. Christina Noll

    Hello! I am in communications with the University of Kentucky Alumni Association and I am in charge of our blog: http://www.outofthebigblue.com. I was wondering if you would consider being a guest writer on our blog once or twice?
    I read through a few of your posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them! I know alumni would enjoy hearing about your experiences as a UK student traveling and studying abroad.
    If you are interested please email me at christina.noll@uky.edu.

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